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-====== Tardiba ====== 
-A mnemosyne based [[|PostgreSQL]] database server distro. 
-==The name== 
-Tasmanian Devils seem to have earned their name from Europeans. It is easy to imagine the unearthly screams, coughs and growls coming from devils scavenging, coming from behind someone's hut. The person living there comes to investigate this strange noise and while holding an old kerosene lamp sees these black and white animals with red ears, pink mouths and big wide teeth. Who would not be frightened after all? No one really knew anything about them except that they were scaring the hell out of people. Aboriginals had several names for them. One was **tardiba** which does not have a meaning in English language equivalent to the word "devil". Most likely, aboriginals had a more rational and normal relationship with the animal.  
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