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Quoll is an openbox based opensde-desktop.

Quoll is intended to be light(ish) openbox desktop although not to a great extent so it retains usability. Openbox will be configured nicely (panels, pagers) and have dynamically generated menus.


* Imlib2 and gtk+ applications are prefered.

* Apps that are to be started when Openbox starts are normally added to

However, with more than one package access the files we would get shared files. To solve this, we will have a directory called autostart.d which will contain startup scripts that get executed by Scripts that are intended to be started prior to Openbox should have #Priority: 0 in them. Whereas, scripts that should be started afterwards have #Priority: 1. Having this system allows us to dynamically generate menus using mmaker and launch panels, pagers etc.

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