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 +====== Get the source Luke! ======
 +The first time you get an //OpenSDE// working tree you can get the source like this:
 +$ cd somewhere
 +$ git clone opensde
 +$ cd opensde
 +$ ./bin/sde install
 +$ sde up (or ./bin/sde up)
 +These commands will populate the opensde source tree and the package tree. 
 +You are supposed to have $HOME/bin in your ''$PATH'', it's usually added by default in the Linux distributions on login when the directory exists. If ''sde up'' gives you a //command not found// error you may need to close the terminal and open it again.
 +If you already have ''sde'' in your ''$PATH'', you only need to run
 +$ sde new tree my_new_tree
 +Our Git repository contains several extra targets, you can check them out at [[|OpenSDE Git Repo]].
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