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Dagon is a mnemosyne-based server distribution, for providing data. It's designed to be web, sql and dns server.


On Dagon you can choose for web server between the 'de-facto' Standard Apache or the light and fast but equally powerful Lighttpd.

For making it a complete webserver we include PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby support for both of them. The usage of fastcgi is encouraged.

Dagon is also a database server and you can choose between PostgreSQL and MySQL, both, or none. But you always will find sqlite.

The support of LDAP for authentication is present transversaly.

Finally, the name server, implemented using tinydns.

The name

Dagon was the Semitic god of grain and agriculture. God of Philistines and Phoenicians, but also god of the older Canaanite inhabitans. Dagon is also named Matsya, first Avatara of Vishnu.

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