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Our values

The development of GNU/Linux turned out to be very fast and we are witnessing new sorts of GNU/Linux are hitting our computers. However, despite a variety of GNU/Linux flavors, possibilities for using free software grows even faster. Users do need free software for their servers, open-access repositories of scientific documents, embedded systems, collaboration sites, small and large clusters, grids for scientific work or university libraries, database servers, measurement collection devices for agriculture, you name it.

We have to be grateful to the world of free software and its implementations in information infrastructures for such a fast number of software packages and such diverse possibilities for deployment and the development of our communities. As a natural outcome of high diversification of possible needs and respect of the very need that users should be owners of their development we decided to undertake efforts which aim to develop a system that will enable users to build system that suits their particular needs.

From that perspective our community is oriented towards the user's needs and technological preconditions to meet those needs. Consequently, our community is comprised of a wide variety of people. For instance: system developers, package maintainers, documentation writers, system architects, target builders, end users etc. Thus, whichever part of the community looks the most appealing for you, please feel free to join and learn from us and we will surely learn from you too.

Since our basic values are deeply grounded in need for mutual respect, learning, equality and support we believe that we are entering the process in which all our supporters and community members will be proud that they are contributing to the development of the system development environment designed in a way that enables all of us to be efficient, independent and actively involved in the development.

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