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-====== Project Mailing Lists ======+Invite You to Review Our Product
-These are the mailing lists that have been established for this project. For each listthere is a subscribe, unsubscribe,​ and an archive link. +Hi
-^Name ^Subscribe ^Unsubscribe ^Post ^Archive ^Other Archives^ +  
-|OpenSDE Users List |[[mailto:​list-subscribe@opensde.org|Subscribe]] |[[mailto:​list-unsubscribe@opensde.org|Unsubscribe]] |[[mailto:​list@opensde.org|Post]] |www.nabble.com |[[http://​news.gmane.org/​gmane.comp.misc.opensde.general|news.gmane.org]]|+I am Trish from the American Beauty Association.
 +I’m reaching out to you because we are looking for beauty enthusiasts like you to test our makeup brush. ​
-====== Contact by IRC ======+Go here:​www.centtip.xyz ​ to test the Mieoko Flat Top Brush
-[[http://​opensde.org|OpenSDE]] is a distributed project. Contributors are spread all over the world. This has some advantages. For instance there will most likely be someone around ​to answer you questionsHowever it has some disadvantages too. Communication ​for instance is quite difficult.+* Perfect for medium ​to heavy coverage that doesn'​t look caked on 
 +* Does not soak up excessive amounts of product 
 +* 22,000 mink soft bristles ​for flawless powder or liquid makeup application 
 +* Does Not Shed!
-A project like [[http://​opensde.org|OpenSDE]] requires heavy, interactive communication. For  [[http://​opensde.org|OpenSDE]] developers to be able to communicate we make use of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a cheap and responsive communication medium. We use the [[irc://​irc.oftc.net/​opensde|#​opensde]] channel on the OFTC network. This is an open channel and you are invited to join us. So tune in if you like to get in contact with us and have an interactive chat. +Thank you for your time,
- +
-Keep in mind that IRC is an interactive medium. Even though we like to, it is not possible ​for every one of us to stay around for 24 hours a day. So not all of us will be around all the time. If you want to discuss some ideas or want to discuss a problem with a broader audience our IRC channel might not be the best place. In this situation our Mailing List might be a better fit. +
- +
-{{url>​http://​webchat.oftc.net/?​randomnick=1&​channels=opensde&​uio=Mj10cnVlJjQ9dHJ1ZSY5PXRydWU06"​ width="​647"​ height="​400"​}}+
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