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-====== Project Mailing Lists ======+Business Cooperation - Purchase Your Website Traffic
-These are the mailing lists that have been established ​for this project. For each list, there is a subscribe, unsubscribe,​ and an archive link. +How to make more money with your website ? 
-^Name ^Subscribe ^Unsubscribe ^Post ^Archive ^Other Archives^ +  
-|OpenSDE Users List |[[mailto:​list-subscribe@opensde.org|Subscribe]] |[[mailto:​list-unsubscribe@opensde.org|Unsubscribe]] |[[mailto:​list@opensde.org|Post]] |www.nabble.com |[[http://​news.gmane.org/​gmane.comp.misc.opensde.general|news.gmane.org]]|+Media Advertising Platform runs the #2 largest contextual ads program globally and can generate a great deal of revenue ​for your website.
 +You will get high converting ad design options, the ad units look like navigation menus, so it will result in a very high  Click Through Rate. 
 +You’re also allowed to place ads in sticky or fixed sidebar zones.This is a HUGE benefit. ​ You can not place Adsense ads in a floating/​fixed/​sticky sidebar zone. 
 +Visit here to sign up (bonus 10% revenue for first 3 months) : https://​www.biglep.com/​earn
 +{Thank you|Thanks|Thanks a lot,
 +Valery Wakenight
 + IMPORTANT: ​ Remember to ask your customer service representative to help you {optimize|improve} ads,their ad design will dramatically increased {revenue|income|earnings}!!
 +*Unsubscribe*:​ Reply "​NO"​
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